CISAT Liasoning Services


CISAT Liasoning Services have resources and manpower team with good Technical expertise, Management expertise, persons with presentable and good negotiation capabilities.

Our Scope of work and focus Areas in which we provide Liasoning Services.

Our Scope of work and focus Areas in which we provide Liasoning Services.
  • To facilitate, advise, assist in successfully bidding and getting Civil and Infrastructure Development Projects independently, as Joint Ventures and/or Sub-letting basis.
  • To procure large building, infrastructure, industrial projects for their clients.
  • Advisory services for selection of projects beneficial to clients.
  • Advisory and procurement services for all other required services for Industries and other clients within our scope of work.
  • CISAT supports to our clients in getting the available projects as per their credentials through our resources and documentational expertise.
  • We help our clients to guide on various policies, rules and regulations.
  • We support on compliance management and risk mitigation.
  • We provide support for land acquisition process and required development approvals.
Sectors that we are working:
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Facility Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure and Projects.

We have been working for corporates, autonomous bodies, industrial units and other bodies of national importance.

  • Industrial Set Up
  • Coordination for Government Contracts
  • Land Acquisition
    • Land Facilitators-Brokers-Framers Networking.
    • Land Survey, Demarcation & Phase-Wise Planning for Acquisition.
    • Price Negotiations.
    • Land Aggregation and Strategic Tie-Ups with Land Owners Via Primary Documentation
    • Managing the Entire Transaction at a Micro Level and Step-by-Step.
    • Getting Physical Possession of the Property and Sealing the Boundary.
    • Transferring Property in the Name of the Buyer and in the Title Records for 100% documentation.
  • Development Approvals:
    • Zoning
    • Additional FSI
    • Location Clearance
    • Planning Authority NOC
    • Urban Development Planning Authorities
    • Town Planning
      • Special Planning Authorities Plan Approvals
      • Land Layout Approval
      • Infrastructure Layout Approval
      • Building Layout Approval
      • Common Facilities Approvals
      • Environmental Approvals
      • Environmental Clearances
      • Consent to Establish
      • Consent to Operate
      • Compliance Reporting to Respective Authority
      • Utilities & Services Approvals
      • Water
      • Power
      • ROW

1. Irfan Shaikh, Negotiation Consultant; Call: 8369276119