Proposal for Fully Integrated Auto Workforce/Workman Management System

  • Workman Details
  • Contractors Details
  • Areawise workers information
  • Induction & Safety Training
  • Payment Details
  • Reporting as per Statutory requirement
  • Incident and Accident details related to worker
  • Individual Management and record
  • Facility to mention all schemes by government
  • Full customization as per the requirement
Complete Workers Management
Online attendance & reporting
  • Contractors Detail Module
  • Workman Details Module
  • Attendance Module
  • SAP Integration
  • Payment modules
  • Training requirement
  • Auto updation of all activities
  • Fully customized as per requirement


Workman Flow and Status

Employee Self Service

HR/Supervisor Function

  1. Appoint Worker.
  2. Collect all details, Issue gate pass, Safety Induction.
  3. Issue PPE, Explain the work and provide supervisor.
  4. Take regular attendance may be shift wise as mentioned below.
  5. Payment on time weekly or monthly. Sometime daily casual labor.
  6. Statutory benefit to all the workers.
  7. Provide statutory reports to Labor Inspector/Labor Officer time to time as per various formats (Form I to Form XIX). This is what we are developing
  8. Maintain all records and provide them time to time.

Worker Function

  1. Worker may work in shifts
    • General (9:00AM to 5:30 PM)
    • Shift A (6:00 to 2:00 PM)
    • Shift B (2:00 PM to 10:00 PM)
  2. Provide all information in proper.
  3. Inform any Incident or accident happened.
  4. Return all PPE, gate pass when leave.

Attendance System

  1. Either Manual (Entry by Individual supervisor/HR)
  2. Either by Smart Card/RFID
  3. Either by thumb impression.

All attendance to be managed by HR or Supervisor

Attendance System

Various Reports

  1. All reports related to payment of worker on time.
  2. All details related to attendance of worker in Days, overtime, work hours (*8), in various shifts.
  3. Specific reports that how many workers available on specific date or time period.
  4. Workman available on various shifts on particular date or specific period of time (Day/Week/month/Year).
  5. Details of workers on specific work area.
  6. Details of workers contractor wise.
  7. Statutory report s as per format.
  8. Details of worker by issued PO wise
Various Reports


  1. One Login to Contractor to enter own details.
  2. One login to each supervisor/HR - one each to every contractor or subcontractor or pet contractor.
    • He should be able to see various reports rel ated to his workers.
  3. Sequence of control as mentioned above. Top to bottom.
  4. Main (All)Controls to principle employer-HR
    • He should be able to see every contractor’s database.
    • He should get to know all attendance daily-shift wise.
    • Alert should be there if any supervisor /HR from contractor has not marked the attendance.
    • He should be able to take all reports as per statutory requirements in various forms.
    • All reports should be in PDF and there should be scope for signature and stamp of individual.
    • He will be able to add or delete various schemes applicable.

If you are thinking to control various units from Corporate or Outsource the Training function, give us a chance to meet and discuss.