TRAINING PROGRAM ON “Operation, Maintenance & Protection of Power Transformer”

  • To understand the various parts and critical elements of Power Transformer.
  • To understand the operation and application of Power Transformer.
  • To understand the maintenance, troubleshooting & Protection of Transformer
  • To understand do’s & don’ts of Power Transformer
Sr.No. Contents
Basic Theory
1.1 Transformer Theory: Operation & Construction.
1.2 Function of all parts of Power Transformer: Tank, Bushing etc
1.3 Measuring Devices; Vector group
1.4 2/3 winding Transformer; Name Plate reading
2.1 % Impedance; Efficiency; Losses; Regulation
2.2 Transformer Testing: Oil; Silica; Winding; Heating; Cooling etc.
2.3 Transformer Installation, commissioning
2.4 Parallel operation & Load sharing, Tap Changer
3.1 Various Fault Detection & regular testing of Transformer
3.2 Maintenance, Data keeping,
3.3 IR, PI, Dielectric absorption, High Pot, Tan delta, DC winding resistance, s/c , TTR, Magnetic Balance Tests.
3.4 Harmonics; Voltage Fluctuation control and Effects
Faults & Protection
4.1 Scheduled and unscheduled Maintenance of Transformer.
4.2 Faults in Transformer
4.3 Protection of Transformer
4.4 Protection of Transformer: Over Load, Over current, S/C, Earthing failure, Differential Protection, REF, BR CB & relays.
Failure Analysis
5.1 Failure Analysis: FMEA and other
5.2 Thermography; Conditioning Monitoring
5.3 NDT; RLA
5.4 Conditioning Monitoring