Training program on PLC Engineering

Programming; Operation; Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Module 1

  • PLC Block Diagram, Hardware Components, Architectures and Wiring
  • Introduction to PLC programming (General/product Specific/AB/Siemens)
  • PLC Programming Languages overview
  • PLC hardware configuration and addressing
  • PLC Application Development
  • PLC instructions – Basic and Advanced
  • PLC Engineering & Troubleshooting
  • Basics of SCADA (AB/Siemens)

Basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering and experience in Maintenance will be helpful.

Maintenance Practices & Exercise (Hands ON):

Programming, Upload, Download, Restore, Backup, Data Watch, Data monitor, Fault tables, temporary IP address setting, Module insertion and removal, debugging communication, fault indicators, battery replacement, cable testing, forcing of inputs and outputs, I/O Wiring, I/O Testing and troubleshooting, Documentation (I/O list, Loop wiring diagram, panel wiring diagrams,architecture, test procedures, reports writing), Alarms & Trends.

Programming; Operation; Maintenance and Troubleshooting