Training program on

Fundamentals and Testing of substation Electrical Equipments & advanced CBM

As per standards & specifications Course Objective:

The participants will learn about various diagnostic Testing methods like: Offline & Online testing and monitoring techniques, high level test like Motor Current and Torque Signature, Acoustic Emission, Surge Testing (IEEE522), Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurement, Partial Discharge Measurement, Dielectric Response Analysis. The latest VLF (Very Low Frequency) HIPOT will be discussed in comparison to DC HIPOT and AC HIPOT Testing as per IEEE 433.

Course Content:

Introduction to Substation: Design, Specifications and Standards

Power Cable:

  • Fundamentals of cable construction.
  • Commissioning testing / acceptance tests at site
  • Diagnostic testing
    • Insulation resistance test
    • Polarization Index
    • Tan delta and capacitance measurement
    • Partial discharge Measurement
    • Low frequency testing; HIPOT Testing
    • Transformers
  • Transformers
    • Fundamentals of transformers
    • Acceptance tests
    • various diagnostic testing online and offline
    • Online and offline testing and Condition based

Advanced CBM

Online testing for condition monitoring, methods and Advantages. · Offline testing of electrical Equipments · Interpretation of the test Results

Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Instrument Transformer (CT or PT), Relay, Control Panels

Various other CBM Techniques (Informative)

  • Current Signature Analysis
  • Thermography
  • Vibration Analysis
  • eddy Current & Magnetic Particle
  • Case Studies & Discussion
Who Should Attend?

Electrical / Manager / Supervisor, Application Engineer, Condition Monitoring Engineer, Design Engineer, Maintenance Engineer /Manager/Supervisor/Reliability Engineer/Manager/ Supervisor

Prerequisite :

Basic knowledge of Electrical Equipments and experience in maintenance will be helpful.

Delivery Methodology:
  • Introduction and Objective Setting
  • Pre and Post Test,
  • Knowledge Presentations,
  • Hands on (High Voltage testing, partial Discharge, Insulation etc)
  • Case Study,
  • Feedback and Assessment