Proposal for Fully Integrated Auto Rewards and Recognition System

  • Recognition Details
  • Online nominations
  • Online Certification
  • Online Nominations
  • Online Assessment by Committee members
  • Reporting as per requirement
Complete Auto Management
Online Certificate & reporting
E- Management
  • SAP Integration
  • Auto updation of all activities
  • Fully customized as per requirement

Flow Chart and System for Rewards and Recognition

Objective: To give appraisal for Individual or Team (Departments) for their contribution/exceptional work.

Rewards and Recognition Tab to be appear on Individual Dash Board.
Rewards and Recognition
Clicking this it should appear Recognition and Rewards separately.
Rewards and Recognition

Recognition means appreciation of work but without financial benefit

  1. From (Name, Department, Position)
  2. To (Name, Department, Position, email)
  3. Establish a saving pattern. Consider an automatic savings program so that some amount is deposited into a savings account each pay check.
  4. For
    1. Best HSE Practices
    2. Practicing Ethics
    3. Commitment of Work
    4. People values (Humanity)
    5. For Practicing Company Value
    6. Other

    I wish to thank you and recognize Mr. …… (Name), …………… ( Position) From ……. (Department) for

    His commitment of work (it can be anything from a to f) on my own experience as narrated below. ……………………………………….. (One should explain the incidence/ support for above).

  5. Once submitted a certificate generates and email with this certificate is emailed to recipient. A copy of this to reach to all individual (HR and own department or all).
  6. An individual should be able to see this certificate in his Individual Report and on own Dashboard.
  7. Number of such rewards is to be calculated. HR should get report of such recognitions for PMS and Succession planning.
  8. HOD will be able to see for his team members.
Sr. Recognition for From Department…

Total no of Recognition from Month to Month (Year) = ….. (This should come to PMS & Succession)

Rewards (Monetory gain Rs XXXXX/ award)

Application for Rewards:

Types: 1. Individual and 2. Group (Team award)

  1. Individual
    1. Continuous Improvement and Innovation rewards
    2. Maximum attendance Award (no of Days available in a period of 6 or 12 month)
    3. Best Trainer award
    4. Best Mentor Award
    5. Best Team Leader Award
    6. Best performer award
    7. Best responsiveness award
  2. Best Team Award (To be nominated by HOD/Team Manager/cross department Head)

    Nominate via online Nomination Form

    1. Which Award to nominate: Select
    2. Explain How one meet the criteria
    3. Achievement in support of this
      1. Benefit to company, process, innovation, Financial (to be approved)
    4. Various attachments
  3. Formula for final grading can be applied or Bell curve if found useful can be applied.
  4. Based on Final outcome system itself will identify.
    1. Top performer or Leaders
    2. Employee for Competency development plan
    3. Employees for growth development p lan
    4. Poor performer for performance improvement plan-Auto process for PIP.
  5. It will give you suggestions for promotion for consistent performer.
  6. Auto linked to payroll system for % hike proposed or incentive disbursement.

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