"Centre For Industrial Solutions and Advanced Training” is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Industrial consultancy services and Training Provider Company (Internationally) managed by professionals with rich Industrial experience..

Company involves in HR Services, HR Automation system, Organizational development, Professional Trainings, Industrial Consultancy and Automation Solutions, Study and Improvement projects. More details are available on www.cisat.co.in".

As a Group we are in software development (IT), Automation solution, Educational research, Industrial consultancy services, HSE consultancy, Audits & Talent Development, etc.

Our offerings:

  • Safety, Energy Audits and assessment .
  • Improvement Project
  • Productivity and Time Motion Study
  • 5S, Six Sigma, TPM, TQM Training and Implementation
  • Organization Development Activity
  • Automation Projects
  • Industrial Material Requirement –Supply
  • Seminars & Workshop & Educational Research services.

Power Plant Improvement Services

  • Fuel Saving for Power Plant (around 24 - 33% )
  • Boiler performance improvement
  • Predictive Preventive Maintenance services (OnLine Monitoring System) for rotating equipment's through world renowned company and pioneer in the field.
  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Energy Saving for large AC motors through rewinding with payback period 6 - 9 month and large saving thereafter .
  • Implementation of Business Excellence and Lean manufacturing through experts with Large multinationals .
  • Dedicated Fully Integrated online Learning management System (Software for T&D activities).
  • Workforce management System.

Specially Developed Complete HR Automation system "HRAutosoft" which alone can do all the functions of HR Manager

This Software, alone can do all the HR Functions such as

  • Recruitment, Joining and Induction
  • L&D
  • PMS
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Succession Planning
  • All reports
  • Complete Workforce Management (Workers)
  • Gathering Training need from every department and Employees
  • Technical/behavioral or soft skill/Safety/Quality/Management Functional etc.
  • Competency mapping & Skill Gap Analysis at Micro level (in % of knowledge)
  • Preparing training Calendar by own (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly)
  • Preparation of Training Budget
  • It contains details of all Service providers or vendors (Internal/External Trainers/expert database)
  • Online Quotation System (to receive online quotations for various Training programs with comparison report)
  • Preparation of comparative statements (From all different Service providers)
  • Feedback and Analysis for every program conducted.
  • Microanalysis of various Skills for an employee (Existing and updated)
  • ROI calculations (Assessment)

Specially Developed Software which alone can do all the functions of Training Manager

Various Report generation required for Training Coordinator or Manager

  • Training Calendar (Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly/weekly)
  • Training Budget (Planned, Allotted, spent etc).
  • Attendance of every training programs
  • Individual Training need and Assessment
  • Internal/external training and Nominations system
  • All other reports required category wise, grade wise or any other
  • Up-dation to get Internal Trainers from various departments.
  • Career planning, skill updates etc.

In short it will do all the function of a training personnel/manager and hence will be useful to all the organizations. It can be making updated or customized as per the requirement of organization. We will be happy to discuss more and give a demo if your company is interested for the same. Kindly do inform by an email/call or through web www.cisat.co.in.

Technical Training

This Software, alone can do all the HR Functions such as

  • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical Drives O & M, Installation commissioning
    • Substation, S/S O&M-CBM & Testing
    • Switchgear and Protection
    • Earthing/ Transformer Operation & Maintenance
    • HT/LT Motor –Operation and Maintenance
    • Electrical Safety & other customized Training Programs
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Welding technology
    • Bearing Operation and Maintenance
    • Hydraulics and Pneumatics etc
  • Automation (PLC / SCADA / DCS)
    • Process Control and Instrumentation
    • Industrial Communication & networking
  • Automation (PLC / SCADA / DCS)
  • Chemical Engineering
  • CIVIL Engineering

Training programs in Mechanical Engineering

01 Training Program on Industrial Hydraulics: Basics, Operation and Maintenance
02 Training Program on Industrial Pneumatics and Electro-pneumatics: Basics, Operation and Maintenance
03 Bearing: Need, Types, Application, Lubrication, Maintenance and CBM
04 Cranes: Need, Types, Application, Maintenance and CBM
05 Basics of Pneumatic & Hydraulic System: Operation and Application
06 Pumps and Compressors Operation and Maintenance and CBM
07 Training program on Basics and Introduction Mechanical Engineering for Operators
08 Modern Plant and Machine Maintenance
09 Predictive Preventive Maintenance and NDT
10 Advanced Industrial Oil Hydraulics: Applications and Maintenance
11 World Class Maintenance Management
12 Lubrication and Lubrication Techniques
13 Boiler: Operation, Maintenance and Performance Management
14 Mechatronics Engineering: Basic Concepts, Operation and Maintenance
15 Introduction to Electrical Engineering: Basic Concepts and Electromechanical
16 HVAC: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
17 Welding and Advanced Technology: Concepts and Applications
18 Piping: Fundamentals, Sizing, Design and various Standards
19 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and General Maintenance Practices.

Training programs Automation and Process Control

01 Proficy Machine ion Logic Developer
02 PLC Communications: Industrial Applications
03 Proficy HMI SCADA Cimplicity Advanced
04 PLC Project Design Engineering & Project Management
05 Proficy Machine ion (Logic Developer-PLC) & Proficy HMI SCADA Cimplicity
06 Motion Control Engineering
07 PLC Engineering & SCADA : Industrial Applications, Programming & Troubleshooting
08 DCS: Introduction and Implementation
09 Process Control and Instrumentation
10 Industrial Networking: Applications and Troubleshooting
11 Training Program on Mechatronics Engineering.

Operational Excellence

  • Basics and Advanced Lean Manufacturing
  • Transactional Process Improvement
  • Four pillars of High performing organizations
  • Hoshin Kanri –Strategic Management and TQM
  • Lean Implementation, Six Sigma
  • TPM
  • TQM
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Change Management
  • Toyota Production system
  • Seven Quality tools
  • 5S & Six Sigma
  • Lean thinking for Managers

Behavioral Trainings

  • Soft Skill
  • Time management
  • Managing change
  • SDP / MDP and LDP
  • Business Communication
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Six thinking hats
  • 360 Degree feedback
  • Creative thinking
  • Lateral thinking for innovations
  • Knowledge management
  • Time management
  • Team building and management

Safety Training Programs (All):

  • Plant safety Training, Workers Safety Programs.
  • Electrical Safety
  • Equipment Safety, Welding safety
  • First Aid Certified Training program.
  • Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Management
  • Rescue management etc.
  • Work at height. Scaffolding Training
  • Workers Safety training
  • Crane Safety, Safe Driving Practices

Our Training Program Delivery Strategy:

  • Contents Design to suit best requirement to an Organization.
  • Expectations or Objective Setting
  • Pre and Post Test
  • Knowledge Sharing through Power Point Presentation,
  • Animations and videos
  • Team or individual exercise, Assignments and activities
  • Hands ON practical's
  • Plant Visit
  • Management games
  • Analysis Report / Assessment / Feedback

Training Facility:

CISAT has International level Training Centre Located in a learning atmosphere at Butibori, Nagpur (Maharashtra Region), India and fully equipped at Location Pune, Maharashtra. It is equipped with training facility for up to 40 participants fully air conditioned, LCD Projector, Audio-video, White Board and all facility required for natural activities. It also has facility for Lodging and Boarding in a campus. CISAT have facilities for practical’s on various topics such as,

  • Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Equipments
  • Pumps and Compressor
  • PLC/SCADA (Allen Bradley/Siemens and other)
  • Welding
  • Computer Lab with required software support
  • Embedded System and Microcontroller

We have support from various Industries and Educational institutions for onsite Training to support above as well Industrial visits as required.


CISAT have around 56 Experts associated to impart various customized services, consultancy or trainings at various Industries. All Experts have

  • Industry Experience varies from 13-40 years
  • Most of the Industrial fields and Services area
  • Technology Savvy
  • Mentoring & Training Experience
    Few Names are
    • Mr Jayant Nandapurkar; Power System, 35 yrs
    • Mr Sunil Sarde; Expert Electrical Engineering, Power System 34 yrs
    • Mr Abhay Chitre, Expert Power System protection
    • Mr Harcharan Singh., Mechanical Ex Plant Head, 38 yrs
    • Vikas Wadnerkar, Ex Training Head, 20 Yrs
    • Mr Deepak Jagtap; Operations , Quality , TPM & BE; 18 Yrs
    • Capt Retd Mahendra Kakde; Safety 18 yrs
    • Mr. Narhar Deshpande; Business Communication; 32Yrs
    • Mr Yogesh Pawar; Quality/Certifications 19 Yrs
    • Mr. Sharadchandra Deo; Boiler-Ex power plant Head; 38 Yrs
    • Mr Parvat Bhagsen; Automation 17 Yrs
    • Mahendra Dhande; IT Expert 12 Yrs
    • Sudhir Panditrao; Expert Instrumentation and Control 30 Yrs

We have support from various Industries and Educational institutions for onsite Training to support above as well Industrial visits as required.

We have Delivered Trainings for Companies and participants from:

International Clients

Aaxal Training, UK

  • Reliance Cement
  • Trinity India, Pune
  • Matrix Fertilizer
  • Shree Cement Limited
  • SKF, Pune
  • Siemens
  • Magpie Automation
  • Clide Consultancy
  • SAN techno mentors
  • Asian Paints
  • Aker Solutions
  • DCM Shriram India Limited
  • OPGC, Jharsuguda
  • NRL, Assam,
  • Tata Chemicals, Haldia, WB
  • Sembcorp, Nellore, AP
  • Aaxal Training Ltd UK
  • HPCL
  • BPCL
  • Oil India
  • Ultratech Cement
  • Uttam Galva
  • Shell Energy
  • Cairn Energy
  • VNR Seeds
  • GM Banglore (participation)
  • Lafarge Cement
  • Lloyds Steel
  • L&T
  • RAS Gas Qatar
  • TUV ME
  • MTIL Bhuj
  • Adani Wilmar
  • Adani Power
  • Sterlite
  • Vedanta
  • SKF Pune
  • Welspun Corp Ltd. Anjar, Gujrat
  • Thermal Power tech
  • J K Laksmi Cement

Few Photographs of Trainings Conducted

Training Program on HT/LT Motor

Training Program on HT/LT Motor

Training Program on Electrical Power System, Doha, Qatar

Training Program on Electrical Power System, Doha, Qatar

Training Program on Advanced Maintenance Techniques

Training Program on Advanced Maintenance Techniques

Training Program on Process Control

Training Program on Process Control

 Mr Harcharan Singh Delivering Training Program at Lagos

Our Expert Mr. Harcharan Singh Delivering Training Program at Lagos, Nigeria during 19-22 March 2018 International Location

Training Program on Electrical Power System, Doha, Qatar

Feedback from Trg Management

We can do undertake Outsourcing of Training & Development Function for entire plant and activities.