Training program on Electrical Motor (HT/LT) Fundamentals, Operation & Maintenance and Protection

  • To understand the various parts and critical elements of Electrical Motor.
  • To understand the operation and application of Electrical Motor.
  • To understand the maintenance, troubleshooting & Protection of Motor
  • To understand do’s & don’ts of Drive; Rating & Failure analysis.
SR. No. Possible Contents
Basic Theory
1.1 Basic Theory of Electrical Motor.
1.2 Various Laws and Mutual inductance theory
1.3 Construction of Motor: Various parts
1.4 Name Plate Rating; Symbol; Various Terms used in Motor
2.1 Types of Motor: AC/DC
2.2 Characteristics of motors, Speed control and Applications
2.3 Installation, Testing & commissioning
2.4 Load sharing: Concepts and Practical.
3.1 Various Fault Detection : Scheduled and unscheduled Maintenance
3.2 Maintenance, Data keeping,
3.3 Testing of Electrical Motor
3.4 Harmonics; Voltage Fluctuation control and Effects
Faults & Protection
4.1 Various Faults and Troubleshooting, Protection of Motor
4.2 MPCB
4.3 Relay setting for Motor
4.4 Protection of Motor: Over Load, Over current, S/C, Earthing failure, Differential Protection,
Failure Analysis
5.1 Introduction to Failure Analysis: FMEA and other
5.2 Thermography;
5.3 NDT; RLA
5.4 Conditioning Monitoring.

Programming; Operation; Maintenance and Troubleshooting