Performance Management System

Performance Evaluation System

This automated fully comprehensive performance management system help organization to evaluate performance of his own employees on various aspects.

  • 1. Employee can set his own objective/KPA/KRA/KPI
  • 2. In an automated flow approval by HOD and HR.
  • 3. Bi-yearly automated evaluation process.
  • 4. Competency evaluation
  • 5. Survey and Feedback with concerned stake holders.
  • 6. Complete automated evaluation.
  • 7. Identification of Top performer, poor performer
  • 8. Promotion, Increment and incentive or bonus distribution.
  • 9. Training requirement for competency development.

PMS Evaluation or Performance Management Cycle

Sr. Roll Individual PMS Activity at start of the appraisal period Six Month Evaluation Appraisal Cycle Evaluation (Year)
PMS Coordinator Announce PMS process in discussion with HR Head Start the process Start the process of Performance appraisal (Notification)
1 Employee Set Individual KRA/KPI for appraisal period Fill & submit Six months self-evaluation. SMART way. Fill & submit self-evaluation for a period
2 Line Manager Evaluate subordinates KPI/KRA, discuss and Accept. Discuss, suggest and approve Discuss, suggest, make changes & approve
3 HOD Approval of all KPI/KRA & submit to HR Discuss, suggest and approve Discuss, suggest, make changes & approve
4 PMS Coordinator Collect all details and discuss with HR Head Collect all details and discuss with HR Head Compile, evaluate and make analysis, Identify good and poor performer & submit report to HR Head
5 HR Head Approval Approval Prepare a policy, discuss with HOD and approve. Submit to CEO/COO approval
6 COO/CEO Approval Approval Approval

1. Competency Assessment report

  • a. This report to come automatically from LMS module in %, also in pie chart or spider chart.

2. Feedback from direct & indirect stake holder: To get overall feedback about employee

  • a. Auto feedback & Assessment Survey system do work here.
  • b. Email for online feedback to go to all relational whose email ID either to set or manually put for feedback.
  • c. Score of each to come as an average in the format. This process can be done any time in a year.
  • d. This can be considered or not to be decided by individual management. We are setting this in system with zero weightage (means *0 in a formula).

Performance Development Plan (PDP) or Training Need Identification for self-Improvement:

  • 1. This part of the form should be used to identify Skills & SWOT and areas of improvement (TNI) for the purpose of providing information to HR to determine future development needs. This section can be submitted at the interim and final appraisal but must be submitted at a minimum of one time during the performance cycle.
  • 2. In our system this process is fully automatic. TNI are related to skills. SWOT analysis also automatic can be viewed by individual HOD or HR.
  • 3. Training requirement can be informed through auto process already developed.

PMS Report and Evaluation:

  • 1. Report to be submitted by PMS coordinator for every individual one by one to HR Head who will do approve.
  • 2. All process to carry out online.

PMS Coordinator Report Format (In excel format):

  • 1. Name, Department, Grade/Level
  • 2. Rating Obtained
  • 3. Recommendations from HOD or HR
  • 4. Salary Hike proposed.
  • 5. Whether promotion is recommended.
  • 6. Special Comments by HOD to HR
  • 7. No of persons in poor performance and put for Performance Improvement plan.
  • 8. Training need Identification to go to Training Manager.

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