Sub: Certification Training Program on Industrial Maintenance- Electrical Engineering


Electrical Maintenance

  • Overview of Basics of Electrical Engineering: I/V/P/R/L/Z/PF/S/Q etc.
  • Earthing and natural grounding necessity, methods, safety rules while handling electrical equipments
  • Motor winding and repairs
  • Meggering and testing of wiring and cable faults
  • Maintenance of electrical motors
  • Maintenance of electrical switchgears
  • Fuses-rewirable type cartridges, high rapturing capacity fuse, constructional features of fuse and fuse sockets, knife type high rapturing capacity fuses, use of pullers for insertion and removal, colour code for fuse ratings
  • Motor starters and their applications – direct on line, star-delta
  • Meggers, voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters, energy meters, general information about their use
  • Maintenance of transformers and tap charges
  • Jointing of low and medium voltage cables
  • Connections, earthing, principles of operations of all small distribution transformers
  • Current and potential transformers, purpose, connections and use
  • Various types of Electrical Drive: Basics, operation, Parameters and Wiring

PLC basics & hardware Configuration

The inputs regarding the following will be provided:

  • Introduction to PLC – Need & Advantages,
  • Comparison with Electrical circuit using Relays (Relay Wiring Diagrams)
  • PLC Hardware structure & Operating Principles.
  • Overview of Popularly used PLCs –(Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc etc..)
  • Hardware installation, wiring and commissioning
  • Digital & Analog I/O Addressing,
  • PLC Programming using STL, LAD, FBD
  • Basic Logic Operations
  • Comparison & Arithmetic Operations
  • Flags, Timers and counters
  • PLC Trouble-shooting & Fault finding
  • PLC panel: components, wiring, testing, earthing
  • Alarm systems – visual and audible

Upload, download, restore, backup, data watch, data monitor, fault tables, temporary ip address setting, module insertion and removal, hot and cold restart, debugging communication, fault indicators, battery replacement, cable testing, forcing of inputs and outputs, I/O Wiring, I/O Testing and troubleshooting

Documentation (I/O list, Loop wiring diagram, panel wiring diagrams,architecture, test procedures, reports writing)

Latest News

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    CISAT expert successfully completed another assignment on Time and motion study for Forging and Dieing Company of repute. Forge hammers and CNC machines studied for production enhancement.

  • Consultancy to corporates

    Do contact for Industrial Consultancy on HR/Training/Productivity Study/Outsourcing/Automation etc. Also we undertake Predictive Maintenance Services.

  • Predictive Maintenance Services

    CISAT is in Collaboration with a company (Internationally recognized and Pioneer in Predictive Maintenance) to provide Predictive Maintenance Services. Do contact for more details.

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  • Training at BORL, BINA

    CISAT has conducted 3 Days Training program on "Electrical Safety and Auditing: Earthing and Grounding" during 22-24 Sept 2014 at BORL, BINA.

  • Training at RAS GAS Qatar

    CISAT Expert Mr. Vikas Wadnerkar is conducting Training on "Power System Protection" for RAS Gas Qatar during 12-18 Oct 2014.

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  • CISAT announce Training Calendar @ August 2016

    1. 2 Day`s Training Program on Electrical Arc Flash, Earthing, Electrical Safety & Auditing, International Standards IEEE, NESC, OSHA & NFPA (12-13 August at Nagpur) 2. 2 Day`s Training program on Hydraulics & Advanced Electro Hydraulics Operation and Maintenance Techniques (Fundamentals; Operation & Maintenance & PPMT) 16-17 August at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India 3. 5 Days Training program on "PLC-SCADA (DCS) Siemence s7 200-300l PCS7 and Honeywell SCADA" 24-28 August 2016 @Nagpur 4. 3 D

  • Training on "Electrical Safety, Auditing & Standar

    CISAT Successfully conducted 2 Days training program on "Electrical Safety, Auditing and International Standards" during 12-13 August@Nagpur. Participants from various Industries attended.

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  • Upcoming Training Calendar June-Oct 2017 For Nomin

    CISAT announced upcoming training calendar for June-Oct 2017. For nominations as per business requirement of organizations.

  • 3 Day`s Trg Prog on "World Best Engg & Maint"

    CISAT Conducted 3 Day`s Training Program on "World Best Engineering and Modern Proactive Maintenance Practices for Safe, Reliable, Compliant and Competitive Performance" during 29-31 Jan 2018 at Nagpur. Mr Deepak Jagtap and Expert conducted the program.

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